Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control Program – HIRARC

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Managers of the 21st century are required to implement a proactive approach to HSE. Management of Risk should be based on structured and systematic management approach.

Duration : 2 Days. Time : 09.00 - 17.00


Back ground:

Managers of the 21st century are required to implement a proactive approach to HSE. Management of Risk should be based on a structured and systematic management approach.


Module purposes

The purpose of this 2 Day training course is to provide the participant with

  •  A structured system for identifying hazards.
  •  Assessing risks associated with those hazards.
  •  Managing risks that are either not known or not well understood.
  •  Putting in place measures to control the unacceptable risks.
  •  Review the control measures to ensure they are effective and have not introduced new hazards.
  •  Integration of a risk management process into the company’s decision making process.
  •  This is called the Risk Management Process.

Who should attend

The training aims are to provide all Company personnel & Contractor employees with the knowledge & skills on how to identify the hazards, assess their risks, understand the use of template sheets supplied to the work activities and improve the employee’s awareness & alertness, This course is aimed at all personnel involved in risk management, accident prevention and loss control. The program is based on a multidisciplinary approach, which includes all personnel from senior management to supervisors.



No previous experience in HSE management system and risk management is necessary.



Course Contents

  1. Introduction to RISK Assessment.
  2. Define  the used Terms in RISK Assessment.
  3. Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
  4. Assessing Methods of Hazard identification and  Risk Assessment.
  5. How to ensuring a complete and comprehensive use of the HIRA process.
  6. Analysing causation.
  7. Constraints to the HIRA and RISK control processes.
  8. Risk-Based control plan.
  9. Use, Modify and develop the control measures.
  10. Control strategies.
  11. Hierarchy of Control.
  12. Stages of Control.
  13. Selection of Control.
  14. Definition of the Task Based Risk Assessment.
  15. Describe the Task Based Risk Assessment Methodology.
  16. Risk-based Approach to Process Risk Management.
  17. Hazard Identification, Risk assessment, Risk control, and method of Review.
  18. Assessing the “level of risk” imposed by a given hazard.
  19. Risk Accessibility Criteria.
  20. Apply Qualitative Risk Assessment.
  21. Risk management – what are the options to reduce risk?
  22. Managing smart – what is the optimal solution considering costs?