DNV – PHAST Modelling

DNV – PHAST Modelling

Alcam Group use the Latest DNV – PHAST modelling software to model potential explosions and Toxic emissions from facilities. This is an essential study for any chemical, petrochemical or any organisation holding bulk flammable or Toxic material on site and wishing to understand the detrimental effect to public and environment near their facility due to unplanned scenarios. It is also key part of a planning or Environment Impact studies. Together with the use and interpretation of the results we help organisations to understand that to protect workers and members of the public, it is necessary for owners and operators of hazardous facilities to understand the potential domino effects that could occur on their site and those they could inflict on their neighbours.


DNV PHAST modelling uses a mechanism for understanding the potential domino


An assessment of domino effects can be performed in seven steps:

  1. Identify the hazardous effects and events that can originate from the neighbouring facilities or installations.
  2. For each type of hazardous effect, determine the threshold at which the domino effect occurs.
  3. For each hazardous event, perform consequence modelling to predict the distances to each domino effect threshold.
  4. Identify sensitive receptors on each facility, e.g. tanks, vessels, etc.
  5. For each receptor on the facilities, identify the hazardous events whose consequence distances are large enough to cause domino effects at the receptor.
  6. Determine the likelihood of the consequences.
  7. Determine the likelihood of each receptor on each site being exposed to domino effects.


If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in conducting a DNV-PHAST modelling Study or in providing DNV-PHAST training for your team,please contact us on peter@alcamgroup.com or use the ''Contact Us'' page


Current Active PHAST Modelling Clients  in 2021

  • Saudi Royal Commission . Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Toxic and Explosion modelling of all Industrial facilities with Jubail Industrial City.
  • Saudi Aramco, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Explosion modelling of new Gas pipelines throughout Saudi Arabia.
  • Ma'aden Phosphate Company, Ras Al Khair , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Explosion and Toxic modelling of the Ammonia storage tanks.