VDU Assessments

VDU Assessments

All employees using a VDU( Visual Display Unit) at a workstation must be ergonomically assessed to ensure that they meet the requirements of Health and Safety VDU Regulations 2007. The findings must be recorded and recommendations acted upon. The Alcam Group have a vast amount of experience working with Multinationals in the Pharmaceutical, Soft drinks, Dairy, Brewing and Call Centre Sectors in carrying out Assessments


We can assist you in two ways.

  • Provide an experienced Ergonomic Specialist to carry out Face to Face Ergonomic VDU Risk assessments , record the findings and recommend the most safe and cost effective solution
  • Provide an online webinar training session for all your staff using a VDU at their station. This will provide them with the ability to carry out their own VDU Risk Assessment audit and implement their findings.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in conducting VDUAssessments  or in providing VDU Assessment  training for your team, please contact us on peter@alcamgroup.com or use the ''Contact Us'' page