Explosion Protection Documents

Under the ATEX Directive1999/92/EC, which is now transposed into Irish legislation Part 8 of the 2007 Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations,it is concerned with the risks from fire and explosion arising from flammable substances stored or used in the workplace. A key part of this regulation is the design and use of an EPD (‘’Explosion Protection Document’’).
The content of this explosion protection document follows the recommendation of the HSA as found on the HSA website
‘’An EPD is an explosion protection document which contains the findings of a risk assessment of any work activity involving flammable/or explosive atmospheres. It may be incorporated or at least referenced in the Safety Statement, be part of other risk assessment documentation or included in the Safety Report for those establishments subject to the European Communities (Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations.’’

It must detail:
1. Technical or organisational measures so as to reduce or prevent the risk of explosions and measures used to mitigate the effects of an explosion.
2. The operation of early warning devices.
3. Training instruction and supervision given to staff who work in places where an explosive or flammable atmosphere may occur.
4. Operational procedures, maintenance, operation of permits to work, and co-ordination between employers.
5. Classified places where explosions may occur called hazardous zones and detail marking of areas as well as location.
6. Means of escape in the event of an explosion.
7. The properties of substances that present an explosion hazard.
8. Selection and use of suitable equipment for use in hazardous zones including certification and calibration documents.
9. Equipment used that is CE marked and in compliance with S.I. 230 of 2017 Equipment & protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres regulations 2017
10. Details of 3rd party ATEX inspection schedules.
11. How often the EPD is reviewed and when is it due to be reviewed again.
12. Detail the annual inspection schedule of all ATEX rated equipment.

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