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The Alcam Group
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When it comes to communicating; resolving issues or information sharing one of the main tools we use is the “meeting”. This happens with a department, as part of a team or a quick on site meeting a the project location and they all have their own dynamic. Even though this may be a wonderful forum for addressing issues, sharing information, airing grievances it is quite often less than successful. This section deals with optimising the results that can be derived from correctly scheduled, well-organised meetings. Meetings can be an extremely effective tool to get the best from a team, but why is it that meetings are sometimes seen as a time wasters rather than time savers? This session will improve the participants’ ability to prepare, chair / execute and close off all meetings with clear objectives and deadlines.

Course Outline: 1 day

  • Meeting Sins
    • Common problems with meetings
    • How to overcome these
  • Assess Your Meetings
  • Organise and preparing for meetings
  • Good Versus Bad Meetings
  • The role and responsibility of the chair
  • How to avoid time stealers
  • The meeting Structure
  • Meeting Types
  • Meeting Checklists
  • Encouraging contributions from all attendees
  • Practical skills to making meetings more effective
  • Meeting Role Play (Time permitting)
  • Action Plan going forward or Meeting charter Exercise
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