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First Aid Responder Course (Phecc FAR)

3 Days
This is a Phecc QQI course open to anyone who is wishing to become an First Aid Responder (FAR). There are no prior entry requirements for this course. The syllabus follows the Phecc guidelines(Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council).The FAR Phecc course is the only first aid course sanctioned by the Health and Safety Authority as a first aid qualification for the workplace.

Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, there is a requirement on employers based on a risk assessment to have a sufficient number of First Aid Responders trained and deployed in the workplace.

Course Outline
Day 1 :

  • Unit 1 : First aid in the workplace
  • Unit 2 : Patient assessment
  • Unit 3 : Respiratory emergencies
  • Unit 4 : Cardiac first response

Day 2 :

  • Unit 5 : Wounds and bleeding
  • Unit 6 : Altered levels of consciousness
  • Unit 7 : Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Unit 8 : Burns and scalds, chemicals, electric shock

Day 3 :

  • Revision for Exam
  • Exam
  • Practical Role Play Revision
  • Practical Assessments

All participants receive a comprehensive First Aid Manual. Participants are presented with an First Aid Responder Phecc Certificate, which is valid for two years.

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