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Safety Audits / Gap Analysis

We will carry out Health and Safety audits to ensure compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.

This will also identify gaps in health and safety and items that were not acted upon from the last audit.

The Audit will also help to identify areas that might require attention and inclusion in training sessions.

We will chair safety committee meetings to discuss safety in the business. This is an excellent tool to bring safety to the shop floor and involve staff.

Minutes of these meetings will be kept on file.

Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Either as part of the design of your Safety Statement or as a general Risk Assessment investigation, let one of our Risk Assessors identify the range of Hazards associated with your activities. They will then report in detail as to the actions required to control the Hazard to an acceptable level and help you achieve these controls.

The hazards can include Physical, Chemical, Biological and Health Hazards possibly identifying such issues as Lone Workers, Hazardous Substances including Chemicals or Asbestos, Manual Handling, VDU’s, Slips trips and Falls.

VDU Assessments

Every employee using a VDU( Visual Display Unit) at a workstation must be ergonomically assessed to ensure that they meet the requirements of Health and Safety VDU Regulations. The findings must be recorded and recommendations acted upon. The Alcam Group have a vast amount of experience working with Multinationals in the Pharmaceutical, Soft drinks, Dairy, Brewing and Call Centre Sectors in carrying out Assessments


Workstation Ergonomics

If you have an employee experiencing discomfort due to the design of their workstation, weather it is at a Laboratory Fume Hood or on a Manufacturing line, the long term health effects to the employee and the possible legal implications for your organisation can prove to be costly. Rather than hoping that the problem might go away, it makes sense to seek a solution to the Ergonomic problem as early as possible, before the issue manifests itself into a full Repetitive Strain Injury for the employee. Let our experienced Ergonomic specialists help you to find a solution. 9 times out of 10 it generally involves a slight adjustments to a conveyer belt, raising the height of a work station or repositioning a piece of equipment. We have yet failed to find the most cost effective solution to any Ergonomic problem.