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UN Food Safety Expert Group – Trieste Italy

The Alcam Group are members of the UN Food Safety Expert Group operating out of the UN office in Trieste in northern Italy

The group is chartered with looking at the global issues of food security against a background of

  • environmental degregation,
  • climate change and
  • ‘peak oil’ production , where petroleum dependent production and distribution systems are economically challenged.

The Group is looking at the challenge of food production, food safety from the developing country perspective, to see how [and if] economic development can be fostered through access to regional and global food markets and to formulate a clear understanding of the issues facing developing countries with a view to appropriate project design and intervention.


Support Program

    In today’s world there is a requirement for Owners and Managers to be compliant with an ever increasing level of legislation. It can be quite difficult to be constantly up to speed with the legislative requirements but a failure to do so can under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2005 result in owners and managers being personally liable, incur fines up to €3m or 2 years imprisonment.

    There is a requirement to :

    • Train and supervise Your staff in Food safety And Health & Safety
    • Maintain a HACCP plan and a Safety Statement.
    • Calibrate all temperature probes in use
    • Audit your premises

    For more information regarding our Support Programs can be found here.


Implementation Of ISO 22000

With The Alcam Group we can help you design and implement the ISO 22000 international food safety standard. At the design Stage we will methodically, step by step ensure that a fully customised management system has been implemented. Once accreditation has been applied for we will stay with you throughout the whole audit process, ensuring that you ultimately achieve accreditation.


Implementation Of HACCP

HACCP is defined as ‘’Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points’’. Since its early design by Pillsbury for NASA in the 1970’s HACCP has been adapted by most countries worldwide as a legal requirement. The Alcam Group can implement a fully functional HACCP plan customised to your business using the 7 HACCP principles developed by CODEX.


Hygiene Audits

To ensure ongoing compliance of food legislation it is essential to ensure the structure, attitudes of staff and preparation and cleaning procedures are to the required standards. The Alcam Group can carry out detailed hygiene audits looking at the following areas

  • Operational Hygiene
  • Structural Hygiene
  • Personal Hygiene