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ISO Internal Auditing : 3 Days

This highly interactive and practical course is designed to provide delegates with a sound knowledge of all elements involved in auditing an Environmental Management System (EMS) and an auditing skill base, in order to:

  • Determine compliance and identify areas for improvement against the requirements of ISO 14001 and related standards
  • Competently conduct effective audits and implement corrective action programmes
  • Identify areas for continuing improvement that provide on-going benefits to your company's growth and success.

Course Outline
Defining the purpose and structure of the EMS Standards ISO 14001, Eco-Management and Audit Regulation (EMAR)

  • Review of environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Auditing skills and techniques:
    • Planning - use of checklists
    • Interviewing and evaluation of information
    • Observation - objective evidence
    • Evaluating the significance of nonconformities
    • Auditing effective improvement programmes
    • Corrective actions and effective follow-up programmes
  • Sources of information and further development
  • Open book exam

Tutored Audits - Following the course, participants have an opportunity for further development where their subsequent in-company EMS audits can be observed and tutored to provide practical on-site training.

Duration : 3 Days

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