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The key role of the PSCS is to coordinate the activities of all contractors on site in order that they conduct themselves in a safe manner.

and the detailed duties are as follows....

  • Coordinate the general principles of prevention for all activities on site
  • Implementation of all relevant health and safety legislation on site
  • Reporting of injuries to the HSA. > 3days
  • Restriction of unauthorised entry on site.
  • Ensure all personnel have their relevant Safe Pass/CSCS documentation.
  • Ensure that adequate Site Welfare is implemented on site.
  • Appoint a safety representative.
  • Develop a site safety and health plan outlining key site safety rules.
  • Organise co-operation between contractors.
  • If >100 employees on site appoint a safety advisor.
  • May issue directions.
  • Provide information for the safety file to the PSDP.

This role will involve a site presence throughout the construction activities on site.

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