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Financial Awareness for the non Financial Manager

In modern business everyone needs to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of good financial planning. This is a crucial module for the development of solid business management

Course Outline : 3 Days

  • The importance of accounts
  • Managing Money
    • Where did the money come from?
    • Where did the money go?
  • Accounting for the business
    • How are we doing?
    • How did we do?
    • How are we going to do?
  • •Balance sheets
    • Typical layout of a balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss account
  • Costs
    • Fixed costs
    • Variable costs
    • Semi-Variable costs ( or indirect Overheads)
    • Total Costs
    • Opportunity costs
    • Transaction costs
  • Budgets
    • What is a budget?
    • Plans into action
    • Over/Under Budgeting

Additional that may be applicable

  • Understanding the markets
  • Trading the markets : Swing and Day trading
  • Managing investment risk
  • Property investments
  • Planning for retirement
  • Managing your Portfolio
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