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Time Management

Excellent time managers get more done more effectively more of the time. The ability to prioritise key tasks and to take action separates successful individuals from the rest. This 1-day programme will help participants to understand their approach, to identify their priorities and will give expert tools to enable them to get things done more effectively. We also cover some of the softer issues in relation to time management in the area of stress etc.

Course Outline:

  • Time management Attitude Assessment
  • Factors Influencing Business
  • 7 key habits of highly effective people
  • Psychology of winning
  • The Pareto Principle
  • My Typical day
  • The Time Manager Classic
  • Daily Planning Exercise
  • Daily Activities
  • Managing Time Professionally and Personally
  • Setting your Goals
  • Rules for Goal Setting
  • 30 Ways to gain more time
  • Time Wasters
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