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Customer Care

All successful businesses today are heavily focused on building long term customer relationships. They are also focused on gaining repeat orders. These goals will be achieved through excellent customer service and relationship management. Excellent customer relationship management is about under-promising and over-delivering - exceeding expectations. But what does this mean to companies or their staff ? Every time a staff member contacts a customer they represent the company. It’s said that everyone today is “selling”. If they do a good job they sell the good of the company. If they do a bad job the “un-sell” the good done by others. This course will help your Organisation develop the practical skills to provide outstanding Customer Relationship Management.

Course Outline: 1 Day

  • Introduction and overview
  • Breaking down the points of contact
  • Moments of truth in the customer relationship cycle- what differentiates us
  • The value of the customer
  • Good customer relationships
    • What it is and is not
  • Dealing with the gaps in the customer relationship system
  • How to delight the customer
    • Your best sales people
  • Developing the right attitude and how this impacts the relationship
  • Five ‘p’,s of customer service and the valley of excuses
  • Case Studies
  • The Customer care plan
    • Putting it into action
  • Customer Charter
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