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Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

This programme is aimed at staff that are required to take responsibility for solving problems on a day-to-day basis. Where possible it will focus on real life situations brought to the workshop by participants, and it will provide participants with a framework for a systematic approach to solving problems. Problem solving requires skills in interpersonal communication, decision-making, conflict management and negotiation. Participants are encouraged to explore their personal communication, decision-making and problem styles and to understand how their style impact on others in a group.

Course Outline: 1 day

  • Creativity ; technique or attitude
  • The experience of creativity
  • Managerial creativity in practice
  • Creativity techniques
    • Settings
    • Processes
    • Problem finding
    • Mapping and structuring ( inc Mind Maps)
    • Idea Generation
    • Grouping and evaluating ideas
    • Action Planning
    • Using computer - based software
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