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Effective Communication

Communication is the process whereby messages are distributed from one source to a receiving point. The messages can be verbal, written or non-verbal. The assumption is that once the message is sent, the message is also received. Too often we presume that the words and ideas we choose for communicating a message hold the same meaning to others as they do to us. In addition we are often unaware of how our non-verbal communication influences our message. As a result, we are often confused by the reactions we get from our communication efforts.

Course Outline: 1 day

  • Getting your point of view across using effective language
    • Understand how our body language impacts on communication
    • Communication within a team – Storming, Norming, Forming and Performing
  • What is active listening and how important is it
    • Improving your influencing communication skills with your manager, peers and subordinates
  • Understand the benefits of a positive mental attitude
  • Case studies
  • Practical role playing
  • When do you say ‘No’ and when do you say ‘Yes’
  • Phone skills
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