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Machinery CE Marking

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 Online Course |  Classroom Course

The objective of this course is to give designers of machinery the knowledge and tools to design safe machinery in accordance with European Union Machinery, and associated Directives, and to declare compliance by CE Marking and to inform Companies buying machinery outside of the EU as to the legal implications of not buying CE marked Machinery

Course Content
European Directives

  • European Directives & their adoption into Law of your country
  • CE Marking Directives

CE Marking

  • What is a CE Mark
  • What the CE Mark mean
  • Preparing a Declaration of Conformity or Incorporation
  • Applying the CE Mark
  • Enforcement

Machinery Risk Assessments

  • types and effects of hazards
  • risk assessment models
  • risk control measures
  • the need for multidisciplinary team based approaches
  • when are risk assessments required
  • preparation for the risk assessment
  • type of information that needs to be documented in a risk assessment
  • challenges with data collection
  • how to manage an action tracking program
  • integration with emergency planning

Use of our Web based Risk assessment software tool

Safety Control Systems

  • Look at all parts of an integrated control systems.
  • The relationship of between the electrical, pneumatic,hydraulic and mechanical parts of
  • a machine control system.
  • verification and validation of safety related control systems
  • Available safeguards & protective devices and their appropriate application.

Protective Devices & Techniques

  • Interlock Switches
  • Guarding
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Safety Mats and Edges
  • Emergency Stops

Design of Control System Panels

  • Project planning and Design
  • Risk Assessment
  • Manufacture
  • CE marking
  • Testing and installation of System Panels

Online Course
This course is delivered by a safety consultant through our interactive online training facility. This greatly reduces the cost of participation on the course.

On Site course
This course can be delivered on site in the companies premises

Duration : 1 Day