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Lean Six Sigma Awareness Workshop : 1 Day

An ideal workshop for employees who want to understand the key concepts and benefits of Lean Six Sigma, including a brief introduction to the importance of the ‘softer skills’ needed for successful projects and change. Delegates will gain an understanding of the concepts, philosophy, and benefits of Lean Six Sigma. Understand how Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken in organisations, including a look at roles, responsibilities, and project selection. Look at the range of supporting tools, techniques, and concepts in Lean Six Sigma

Course Outline

  • Calculating and interpreting process sigma
  • Understand the need for different thinking
  • The Toyota Production System
  • Key principles and a systematic approach
  • How to sell the concept to senior management and line operators
  • How Lean Six Sigma is typically undertaken
  • How are Projects selected
  • An introduction to:
    • Improving process flow - the Theory of Constraints
    • Reducing variation - using Control Charts
    • Tackling waste - the seven wastes
  • Introducing and deploying Lean Six Sigma
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