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What is a Webinar?

We have just made training more accessible and more cost effective. Traditionally a trainer would have to come to your premises if you were a business or you would have to travel some distance to receive training if you were and individual. Indeed it has been difficult to locate courses to cater for individuals.

The Alcam Group can now train over the internet through an interactive media solution. All you need is a computer with internet access and you can begin.

Our Webinars are run in real-time with live trainers.

In the classroom you can:

  • hear the trainer delivering the training, Training is live.
  • follow the presentation as it appears on your screen
  • Ask questions in real-time if you do not understand or if you wish to make a point,
  • If a test is required to be completed by the learner at the end of the session the learner simply clicks on an icon, the test is opened, the learner fills out the test and sends it back. It’s all done in the room
  • All our courses are certified and successful learners will receive one.
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