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Compliance Software

The Complete Health, Safety and Environmental Suite.
The maiTM software suite takes the toil out of Health, Safety and Environmental management and delivers analytical power to your fingertips so that you can achieve real value for your company. Based on simple to use web technology for plant wide access which can be easily incorporated into your business processes at low cost as required. The maiTM suite comprises an integrated set of application modules which support the many different aspects of day to day business management. The modular design allows Safety, Health and Environment managers to purchase and implement individual modules as needs and budget dictate.

maiTM Manager

This module is the cornerstone of the maiTM platform. All employee details are entered and the system administrator can assign different levels of access as required to limit viewing and editing of any form. A standard feature of this module is that Audits can be scheduled, actioned and recorded, while Corrective Actions can be assigned to relevant personnel with full change control and email notifications. This module integrates the management of objectives, targets, management programmes and reporting functions for collecting, tracking and reporting key performance indicators, compliance efforts, Health, Safety and Environmental goals, etc. The monitoring matrix is crucial for those companies who need to ensure that all their statutory and regulatory monitoring requirements are identified, planned and recorded, and provides prompts as items become due or overdue etc. It provides visually attractive graphical analyses for easy assimilation of relevant metrics.

maiTM Safety Risk Assessment

This module streamlines risk management and helps ensure that your risk assessments comply with legislation. The module helps you to identify hazards, assess risk and document control measures and keep them updated. You will be able to enforce a standard risk assessment methodology and vocabulary across your organisation compliant with OHSAS18001, while at the same time the information provides a useful training tool for reviewing risk assessment e.g., new employees, contractors etc. Customising your own risk assessments for differing legislative requirements is simple and straightforward, and pre-configured templates are provided to comply with various EU and Worldwide Directives. In addition, PPE management is included as part of the risk assessment module. It is easy to maintain an up to date master list of all your PPE, and you can easily track PPE that has been issued to different employees.

maiTM Accident Report & Investigation

This module helps you to track all accident and incident related information. You can be sure that all the relevant accident information is collected quickly and consistently, and that accident investigations, when required, are undertaken in a proper manner to mitigate further risk and to address statutory, insurance and other regulatory requirements. Accident statistics can easily be generated, as well as a comprehensive set of reports that reduce the time associated with claims management.

maiTM Environment Risk Assessment

This module helps you to manage environmental risk. A configurable list of environmental impactsis used to assess significant and non-significant impacts within your organisation. You can monitor the performance of your organisation’s interactions with its environmental surroundings in accordance with international standards for environmental management. You will be able to easily identify which of your environmental emissions are significant or potentially significant. Our simple methodology will facilitate your compliance efforts and has already help companies gain certification to ISO14001.